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I’ve received some pretty nice complements and testimonials from people I work with, like these:

What Ellie Said…

Not long ago I emailed a friend a who had accepted a gift coaching session and asked if she might have some referrals for me. Here’s what her reply:

Anne, I sent the below blurb to three people who are possible.  I know at least two more but have to talk to them in person.  My suggestion to you is visualize them or anyone in your processes….fingers crossed too. 

I  hope life is going well for you on every front.  I had a couple interesting things recently.  When some knotty questions came up about how to accomplish something, a friend offered me a gift of a coaching session…something she does professionally.  I went along more out of inertia than expectation. And found it extraordinarily useful.  She had no expertise in my issues but managed to tweak me around to looking at it all from a new and far more productive angle by looking at assumptions I didn’t realize I was making.  Enough so that I enlisted her for more coaching..an exquisite and worthwhile experience. 

I mention to you in case it sounds useful.  Of course she’d be happy with new clients, but my thing is just to see if you’re interested, because a free session might be fun and productive…who knows beyond that.    Let me know if you ever want her to contact you…I’ll not give out your info unless you ask!!!

One of my favorite testimonials…

One of my favorite testimonials is from Lori Widmer, a successful freelance writer who after our very first session wanted to help promote me on her blog!

She begins, “I talked with Anne recently about her coaching business, and about how changes, both personal and professional, are easier to make than you might think.”

Read the rest of her interview titled Coaching on Purpose: Interview with Anne Wayman