These are some of the people who have been willing to give me testionials about my writing coaching, life coaching or a combo. Not so incidentally, I can recomend each of them as well.

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I know Anne as a coach, a mentor, a fellow writer, and a close friend. She is just tremendous in every single role. When I first started as a writer 5 years ago, Anne was invaluable in teaching me how to build my business. I couldn’t have done it without her and still take lessons from her today.
Eliot Tubis – You can see his webpage about this book here.

I found Anne Wayman to be an exceptional listener. As a result she was able to capture not only my writing voice but to help pull out of me the nuances I wanted in my book. She was easy to work with, kept to deadlines and generally made the process of getting a book written if not easy, at least understandable and even, at times enjoyable. I’m glad I found her and am happy to recommend her.

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Digital Marketing Manager with Futurism Technologies IncAugust 28, 2014, Biswajit worked with Anne on the same team

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Veteran Business Writer & Editor: Creating Exceptional Messaging and Compelling ContentJanuary 10, 2012, Lori worked with Anne on the same team
Anne is that consummate professional you hear about, but rarely find. Her depth of experience and knowledge are enviable, and her heart is as big as her talent. I have the distinct honor of working alongside Anne on a number of projects, and I’m constantly amazed at her organization, creativity, and focus on the end user. I’d hire her without hesitation.
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I met Anne online shortly after I started my business writing company in 2008. We both had been writing professionally for over 30 years, but Anne had been a business owner from the start. Her professionalism and business savvy has made me a loyal fan.
Anne’s impressive resume, including success as the ghostwriter for two best-sellers,as well as her skills as a writer and a blogger, bring a wealth of value to her clients and in her role as a writing coach.
I purchased several of Anne’s books, signed up for her webinars and regularly follow her “About Freelance Writing” blog. I also am a member of Anne’s About Writing Squared forum. Her supportive, calm approach to writing and all that entails complements Anne’s extraordinary talent and experience. I highly recommend Anne to anyone in search of the total package.
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Anne is one of the few veteran freelance writers that I follow religiously. Her time and dedication to this career has made her an expert, and she shares her wisdom freely. As someone who trains new writers, I always recommend Anne’s work/blogs/books to them. I’m always interested in what she has to say and what’s coming next. Anyone who hires her for writing is sure to get clear, authoritative writing.

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Anne is a treasure! Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and experienced with what she does, she’s witty and wise too. I’m impressed by how she’s constantly learning, innovating and pushing the edge of possibilities in her writing business. I am happy to know her!