Possibilities and Pricing

coaching choicesAs you probably know, there are a variety of ways coaching can happen. Here’s how I’m working at the moment, as well as at least one possibility for the future.

Time commitments – Generally each session lasts about 50 minutes, although I’ve had some real success with shorter periods – 20-40 min.

Coaching seems best to me when it happens weekly. The seven days between sessions often seems exactly the right time for you to process, and experiment as you begin to discover what works. Keep in mind 99% of my coaching takes place over the phone or through video conferening.

One and one – probably the most typical method. It’s you and me meeting one time or many times.

One and two – I really don’t do couple’s work often but I have worked with parent and child and even occasionally with two friends.

Group coaching – I’ve benefitted from this myself and find that the synergy of the goup can be helpful. Watch for announcements.

Design your own – Coaches often set up packages, like once a week for 26 weeks, or every other week, etc.. Let’s talk about what you think will work best for you. After all, you are in charge of our own life and that means you get to say what you want in coaching too.

What will this cost me? – I base my fees on $175 per hour. As you and I design your coaching plan, that is agree to once a week for 6 weeks, or an intensive writing coaching like daily for 40 min. for 14 days, we’ll talk in detail about your fees.

A caviat about writing coaching – I generally won’t read whole manuscripts, or anything over 5 pages. Between you describing in a session what you’re trying to do and the problem areas and a small sample I can begin to help you get a better understanding of your project which in turn will make the writing both easier and probably better. Which isn’t to say I won’t occasionally ask to see a page or two where you’re having a particular problem.

What questions do you have? Contact me and I’ll answerthem as best I can.

Love, blessings and abundance

Anne Wayman, Life & Writing Coach


Photo by Jay Castor on Unsplash