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Good Life CoachingSometimes Life Coaching seems mysterious.

As a Life Coach I know when a session with a client goes well. It took me awhile to begin to understand exactly is needed from both parties for a successful Life Coaching session.

Actually both the coach and the client bring a great deal to the table when the session is working as it should. Let me chunk it down as I understand it.

Good Life Coaching equals trust between both parties

For good, successful Life Coaching to happen the coach and the client have to have mutual respect for each other that leads to trusting each other. How this happens doesn’t seem to matter. Some of the clients I’ve worked with I’ve known for years and others for only moments. Either way or something in between and when we’re lucky or work at it, trust happens. [click to continue…]


There is an important difference between life coaching and therapy or a counseling.

First, before I go on, let me be clear. I am not a therapist, or a psychologist, nor am I a psycho-therapist or a counselor and I don’t play one on TV or anywhere else.

Biggest difference between therapy and coaching

The biggest difference, or maybe the most obvious, is that Life Coaches are NOT health care professionals or provider.

That means the focus is different.

Those who do therapy are health care professionals. They’ve worked long and hard to learn how to be a psychologist, psychiatrist or marriage and family consular.

In maThey usually start by looking for a diagnosis of some sort. Although not all deal with disease, and these days more and more are aiming at helping patients with lifestyle choices, they tend to think of the people they help as patients – as if something’s wrong with them that needs to be treated or cured.

Life Coaches, on the other hand, are more likely to take the person where they are and help them discover and achieve the goals they, the client want.

Therapy may be what’s needed

coaching or therapyI’m a believer in good therapy. I’ve used it myself. More than once, and may again. Finding the right therapist is often a matter of luck, and at least for me trusting my intuition. In other words I’m picky about therapists as I think we all should be.

As a Life Coach I don’t hesitate to suggest therapy if I think my client would benefit.

Here’s why I think Life Coaching is different than therapy

Here’s why I think my Life Coaching is different from therapy. I start with the premise that the client is okay and that they actually have the solutions they’re looking for right inside them.

Sure they want something or many somethings to be different than it seems to be right now. But they are basically fine. Even before we begin, I hold them mentally in the position of knowing what they need.

My job is to listen deeply. Then I ask all sorts of questions.

Some of the questions are simply to deepen my understanding of what, exactly, changes they want to make. Then I questions about what they are expecting from the desired change. I ask what’s preventing them from making those changes and I ask how I can help.

It’s not unusual for their solution to surface during these questions. Sure, I don’t hesitate to make suggestions, but more often than not they are simply a reframe of something client already senses. As we begin to see what would move them in the direction they want to go we work out some accountability.


Accountability is a great too. Let’s look at a simply example. Suppose a coaching client wants to be better organized and after talking it through,  recognizes that a detailed calendar of the next week or month would help. They decide develop or at least begin to develop such a calendar and this is what they choose be be accountable for in this session. If in the next session they’ve started or even completed the calendar we celebrate and move on to something else. If they haven’t we take a look at what went wrong and how it might be different.

How it might be different ranges from deciding not to do a calendar, through doing a calendar for a week, to making a bigger effort to get the calendar at least started.

I think it’s that assumption of mine that the client knows what they need even if they can’t see or actualize it yet that makes the real difference between therapy and Life Coaching.

What do you think?

Love and blessings,




Yes, like many, I offer a no-obligation Gift Coaching session to potential clients. I started this on the advice of my mentor – first as a way to practice coaching, then as a marketing method.

While both of those reasons are certainly valid, the Gift Coaching session turns out to do more, including:

  • Giving you a taste of how I coach.
  • Letting me know if I can truly be of service to you.
  • Helping both of us figure out if working together makes sense.

If you’ve looked for Life and other coaches on the web, you’ll see that many of them make the same offer, more or less. Each of us does it a little differently. I think of the Gift Coaching session as a trial run – for both of us.

What happens in a Gift Coaching call?

What we have to do is find a mutual hour we can spend together on the phone. Prior to the call I’ll send you by snail mail you some details and instructions on how to pick one issue, or problem, or… that if we together could come up with a solution would make a big difference in your life.

I like to schedule the session far enough in advance so I have time to get a physical Gift Coaching letter to you.

You’ll call me at the time we agreed.

After hellos, I’ll ask you what you’d like to talk about that would make a positive difference in your life; you’ll outline the topic if you’ve come up with one. If you haven’t picked a subject, we’ll figure it out together.

Another thing I love to ask close to the beginning our our session is for a three or four minute life history of yourself. This helps me get a real sense of where you are in your life and a picture of how you got there.

With those preliminaries in hand, I’ll usually ask you more questions.

Since I know you’re the expert on your own life, my questions are really designed to help you figure it out drawing on your own wisdom and experience. I find that much more effective than to have you look to me to provide solutions. I’m a catalyst who can often help you see the problem or issue in a new light or a new way. That new way of seeing it also tends to show solutions that hadn’t occurred to you yet.

At the end of our session, if it went well, I’ll describe how we might work together in the future.

Make sense? Great – call me at 610 434 6110 or fill out the form on the right.

Love and blessings,

Anne Wayman Life Coach


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