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What happens in the gift coaching session?

When you accept a gift coaching session here’s what you can expect:

Over the telephone or by email, we’ll find a mutual hour for your gift coaching session which is generally done over the phone.

I’ll send you a letter that will confirm our appointment and give you some more information.

I’ll ask you to come to the call prepared to discuss one issue or problem of yours – one that if we were to solve it or get a good start on solving it, would make a big, positive difference in your life.

In addition to the letter, I’ll include a form you can use to will help you choose a topic. The form is for your use only – designed to spark ideas if you need it.

You’ll call me at the appointed time. We’ll do a brief get acquainted exchange and then move right into the topic you’ve chosen.

Obviously I’ll ask you questions about your topic – things like a description of the problem or issue and what kind of a difference it would make in your life if we were able to find a solution it or get started on solving it.

We’ll continue to talk about it, generally moving toward first a clarification of the issue, and then to a resolution.

As the hour ends, and it feels complete I’ll describe how we might work together in the future if we’re so inclined.

It’s meant to be an easy, often fun, usually helpful an always interesting hour.

Feel free to contact me with questions.

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Anne Wayman Life Coach