Anne Wayman, Life/Writing Coach, ContactI’m pretty easy to contact.

I no longer have a land line so you can call me at +1 619 273 6003 or text me there, whichever you prefer.

Email also works. Just please put ‘caching’ in the subject line so I can find your email. Yes, I get more than I should at:

A couple of things to know. I live and work from my home which is just south of San Diego, CA. That means I live and work in Pacific Time. The World Time Server will help you convert your time zone and mine.

Since I’ve worked from home forever, I’ve gotten pretty good at protecting my time. This means you’ll often need to leave a message. I will call you back.

Do leave a time or two when I’m likely to reach you, and be sure to leave your number even if you think I have it.

If you reach me and I’m really short on time I may say so… as in ‘I only have about five minutes right now, will that be enough?’ If it is, great, if not we’ll use the time I do have to set an appointment.

My coaching sessions generally last about 50 minutes. I’ve found that generally 50 minutes is enough time, but sometimes it’s not. If you expect you’ll need more time, or we discover you need more time we’ll make the needed adjustments.

Check out my no-cost Gift Coaching. It’s a pretty good way for us to get to know each other and if we’d work well together.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Love and blessings,

Anne Wayman, Life & Writing Coach


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