Anne Wayman, Life & Writing Coach Anne Wayman is my name; I’m a life and writing coach.

And I’m older than I sound on the phone, I’m active writing, coaching and living life including volunteering, swimming and walking.

That life so far also includes three adult children, including boy and girl twins and another boy. Currently all three are married and seem to be reasonably content.

Through them I have four grandchildren. The oldest, after graduating from Long Beach State University. is now perusing her wished for job in the gaming industry. The next to youngest just graduated from High School. Can you tell I’m proud?

What qualifies me to coach writers?

According to a family story I began writing in 6th grade when a story of mine about class elections was published in the school newspaper. Putting words on paper has always come pretty easy for me as long as I’m reporting or writing some form of non-fiction. I’ve tried fiction and may again, but my plots bore even me.

Continuing the election theme these days I write for Democracy Counts, a non-profit nonpartisan that is developing tools to help regular citizens audit their own elections. Check out AmericaCounts.us where our first app, Actual Vote is explained.

You can actually see my current list of writing credits on my pro site here. That experience and more is what qualifies me to coach writing. And if you’re a beginning writer, please don’t let my credits inhibit you… if you write long enough you’ll probably out do me.

What qualifies me to coach about life?

My age certainly has something to do with my coaching ability. So does the fact that over time I’ve worked with a number of excellent coaches so I’ve had good modeling as well as training.

I’m here to tell you that getting older has its advantages. The biggest is I’ve finally learned not to care what other people think of me.

Of course there are some disadvantages as well. My legs haven’t been whistled at in longer than I care to admit. I run out of energy sooner than I like. I’d rather someone else drove, particularly at night. (When we talkj if we do, ask me about my favorite joke.)

You’re welcome to ask about any of these or really, anything else. I don’t promise to answer fully, but I might surprise you and I don’t mind being asked.

Contact me various ways and take a look at my Gift Coaching offer.

Thanks for looking,