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4 40 Flash Coaching

flash coachingGot an idea or a problem or are wondering what’s next?

Wish you had a professional to talk it over with?

You do have such a professional – in a 4 40 Flash Coaching session with me.

What is flash coaching?

Flash coaching is a coaching session that happens in a flash. Instead of repeated hour long sessions over months, this program is four sessions of only forty minutes each over the phone, paid in advance and used within five weeks.

You pick the topic or problem you want to address. It can be about writing or about anything else.

In our first session I conduct a Visioning for you after which we decide exactly what you want to accomplish over the next three weeks and make our best guess at how you’ll get there. You’ll agree to an assignment we design.

The next session I’ll provide accountability and we’ll review your assignment to discover what worked and what didn’t. We’ll parse out the problems, decide on the next goal or two and set up another assignment. The third session will be similar as will the fourth.

During the fourth we’ll also talk about what worked and what didn’t for the program which will also inform me of what I’ve done well and what I haven’t.

You also have the option to be recorded and get a copy of that recording at no additional cost.

Ready to buy?

Just click the PayPal Buy Now Button below. You should be able to enter your phone number on the payment form. If not, no worries, just email me your phone number and I’ll call you to schedule your sessions. You can use the same email to ask a question or two. You can also reach me through the Contact page here.

As always,

Write well, and often, and live well too,

Anne Wayman Life Coach