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You are the expert on your own life!

Anne Wayman, Life CoachHi, I’m Anne Wayman, writer, Writing Coach and Life Coach. You can read more about me at my About page.

My experience tells me is that you really are the expert on your own life. Which immediately brings up the question, “If that’s true, why would you want a Life Coach?”

Maybe you don’t, or maybe one would be helpful.

The right Life Coach brings you, among other things:

Is a deep listener

Your coach knows how to listen carefully to what you say. She listens without judgement and without planning her response while you’re still talking. Some call this special skill Deep Listening. Others comment that it’s like listening with the whole body.

Asks the right questions

After listening deeply, your coach will ask questions. These questions are designed to put you in touch with what some call your inner self – that part of you that knows or almost knows the right answer.

Helps you be accountable

Somehow it’s easier to get things done when you’ve told someone what you’re going to do knowing that they will hold you accountable. Your Life Coach will do this for you and will show you how you can be accountable without a Life Coach.

Acts as a super-sounding board

When you discuss your dreams and problems with your coach, she is not only acting as a sounding board, she is someone who can help you shape those ideas so they work for you.

Is on YOUR side

Your Life Coach is not only a person who can, and will, listen to you deeply, and ask the right questions, they are unequivocally on your side. Which includes telling you the truth as they see it.

A Life Coach can’t fix you

A Life Coach isn’t going to fix you; that’s your job. Your coach can, however, help you set your stage with new ideas and view points so you can fix yourself.

Most people have areas in their life they wish worked better. Maybe it’s your career, or your desire to change either how you work or what you work at, or both! You may have issues and you suspect a fresh eye on the problem would help you move through to a solution. Perhaps you have a set of problems that have got you stumped. Or you suspect your self-worth and confidence isn’t what it might be.

Someone who can listen deeply to your questions and suggest some alternative views might be exactly what you need. Life Coaches are trained for exactly this.

Any and even all of these are sound reasons to work with a Life Coach.

Writing Coach or Life Coach?

Many of you know me as a long-term blogger, currently celebrating over a dozen years at AboutFreelanceWriting.com. Others know me as a writing coach. A truth is the writing coach evolved into life coaching and I do both – your choice. If you’re curious about how this all happened you can read about it here.

Life is like a labyrinth

Life can sometimes feel like a labyrinth or maze. Even though you are the expert on your own life, it can be difficult to see your way through all on your own. The chances are I’ll be able to help you navigate successfully.

Let’s talk about it in an no obligation Gift Coaching Session.

With love and blessings,

Anne Wayman Life Coach